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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 23, 2024 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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necessarily to chase it if they
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don't own it. if i own it had, i wouldn't sell it. >> every time they report earnings, they're way better than expected so the valuation price relative to earnings actually gotten cheaper than the report. >> this absolute baby person as a public figure is like no, you're not allowed to do that. >> as long as you claim security from the big names from the world and the promise they'd be secure. that's really the big question. >> it's a last ditcher and proven that people of color are moving more and more to the republican party. >> that is what it means. it's a horrible narcissistic malignant cancer.
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♪ stuart: any time we play tom petty, it makes me happy. of the four concerts i've been to, one was tom petty in new york city. >> only four. stuart: yeah. love the music, keep it going. there's sixth avenue new york city. 11:00 eastern time. friday, february 23. take a look at that market. the nasdaq turned south and sharply high when we opened trading, but the dow is holding onto 186 point gain and then there's nvidia, look at it go. right at breaking point, 786 and had an extraordinary showing yesterday and again this morning.
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they're all up and down and meta higher by five-cents, microsoft, amazon, alphabet, apple all on the downside. 10 year treasury yield is down, 4.29%. now this. numbers are stunning, nvidia went up $277 billion on thursday alone. a gain of more than a quarter trillion in one 6.5 hour trading session. it is artificial intelligence that has ignited the stock market. wall street now accounts for half the value of all the stock markets in the world. in the last generation, it's american technology that's rendition of anthony crated three world game changers. the internet created by u.s. -- but us actually and developed by american companies, fracking: invested and developed by american oil and revolutionized energy supply and now ai, brought to us by california's silicon valley. these game changers came from
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private enterprise, scientists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs working together to pursue profit and a dream. all american and the rest of the world nips at our heels. but already, just as ai arriveses we normouse impact, the -- with enormous impacts, the democrats are looking to reign it in. they say it's a billionaire's play fake and it must be bad. vast amounts of energy for the tackle four or five times as much of energy and non-ai search. some democrat senators limit ai's climate impact. if the government wants to be useful, it could figure out how to generate all the electricity we're going to need. at the moment, the grid is not going to cope. wind and solar don't make it. my point here is we're at the beginning of a revolution that looks powerful and far reaching.
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as "the wall street journal" assessed today, ai advances are happening despite government not because of it. it is american developed and american-led, we should really keep it that way. third hour of varney starts now. stuart: tepper with me for the entire hour. i hope the government doesn't kill it. >> if the government wants to control it and throttle back ai technology here in the united states, our adversaries are not going to do the same thing it. your prior comments about us leading the way over the last several technological and industrial revolutions, we have to continue to be at the forefront of this. we have to incentivize nvidia to continue to innovate and be at the front leading edge of this movement. stuart: encourage them.
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>> absolutely. stuart: don't discourage them. >> look, case in point, tesla. tesla was the world's biggest ev maker until this administration decided they didn't like elon musk, they didn't like tesla. you can't do that . you can't inhibit these companies from doing what they're meant to do as private enterprises. stuart: stay on nvidia for a second, could the value of nvidia overtake the value of apple by the end of this year? that's a stretch. >> this year would be aggressive. i think end of next year is very realistic and that can happen. i cannot believe i'm going to say this right now, but i believe that nvidia, when you look at its valuation relative to its growth, it's actually cheap. i mean, you look at, it's trading at 33 times forward earning ands 33% expected long term earnings growth and peg ratio, pe to growth ratio of 1.0. the market is at like 1.8. apple at like 2.1. obviously the lower that number is. the more attractive a stock is
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priced given its growth trajectory. yeah, i do think it could happen. stuart: that was a very interesting viewpoint. thank you, mark. stay there. bring in batya. nvidia is american developed and american led and we should keep it that way. what say you? >> i mean, we don't want the chinese controlling our ai; right? the problem seems to be there always seems to have to be someone at the hell and will we saw with gemini, google's disastrous latest chat bot it was completely woke, but then when you hear someone like elon musk saying he's going to start his own ai, this is a man with deep, deep ties to the chinese communist party; right. he's not woke, that's good. he believes in free speech, that's good. yet this is a man who builds a showroom for tesla in the shin
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jung region and what's going to happen when you ask his chat bot tell me about the weaker genocide. are you getting a picture of showroom for tesla in shin jung? stuart: white house reporters reportedly feeling the heat from the administration. the white house says the media has been negative and enam rat in the coverage of the -- inaccurate in the coverage of the president. what's your response? is the media too negative on biden of all people? >> stu, you've got to realize what they just admitted. in admitting now they're finally speaking up about the president's mental problems and mental acuity; right, they are retroactively admitting they have been hiding this from the american people for years; right. all the time the white house was upset about their coverage. it's not that president biden
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was having fewer gaffes, he wasn't, it's that the media and mass decided we're not going to cover this. they just at mitted they've been -- admitted they've been lying to the person people for two years. it is appalling. stuart: they've been activated because the president's cognitive disability is becoming more and more obvious and you can't ignore it. the white house simply does not give the media access to the president. they're shielding him and natural they'd revolt and say what's going on here? >> honestly, you're giving them too much credit, stu. i think it was the report that came out of the biden doj that's supposed to be on their side. it broke the dam and people are not lemming for themselves and no one is step out step with the left. everybody has to be in lock step when the hur report came out it broke the dam and in the lock step they've all decided we're allowed to talk about this now like the lemmings they are. stuart: wonder if they'll keep up. if biden is the nominee, will
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they keep on having a go at him for his cognitive ability? what do you think? will they rally around him eventually? >> there's no situation in which the craven media take as look at donald trump and joe biden is doesn't side with joe biden. they're incapable of admitting the strengths of the trump presidency. donald trump was the biggest threat to the olek oligarchy ofe elites and he's craven and elites and economist experts or media and reveals how vacuous our elites are and they hate him and can't allow him to stand. that's why you're seeing 91 indictments. stuart: fascinating. batya un-g unger-sargon, thank u
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for joining us. lauren: this is the stock that chilled the market. i got worried about nvidia earnings because they came out and said i'm looking at my notes from that day, they said spending is slowing on cybersecurity because of investments on ai. customers are cutting back. nvidia came out and surprised to the upside. stuart: not bad. 22.78 a share up 4%. warner bros discovery. lauren: down. bigger than expected loss. stock up 6.5% and studio revenue fell 17.5 because of hollywood strikes and less spending on good content. stuart: sleep slumber -- no, sleep number. sorry. lauren: the sleep people. that's what i said, wow. demand for mattresses and beds are not up. they reported a loss, but they're doing a lot of cost
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cutting and they're charging higher prices so their gross margins will improve and that's encouraging investors. stuart: that's a third gain of one-third hawaii a market. lauren, thank you very much, indeed. coming up, one in four children in new york city living in poverty despite this mayor adams forging ahead to give migrants millions in prepaid debit cards and we're all over that one. it's friday and feel good story. here's dave portnoy's heart warming adoption of the famous miss beaches. roll it. >> i was told you were perfect angel, miss peaches. well this, i was told you were a perfect angel. what the heck, mrs. peaches. stuart: mrs. peaches chewed his wallet. un-forgiveness. dave portnoy and mrs. peaches
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>> are you naughty, you ate my wallet? miss peaches.
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it's okay, but you're starting to get a little bits naughty and comfortable. you ate my wallet. i was told you were a perfect angel. stuart: look who's here, miss peaches. she's a big dog, isn't she? miss peaches. dave, tell us the story how you came by miss peaches. >> yeah, i heard this special, special dog landed in a shell fertilizer atlanta and there's an animal hospital there that rescues dogs and the lifeline animal project so i took my private jet, i flew down to grab miss peaches, it was love at first sight, stuart. she's the most popular thing on the internet. i'll have you know, stuart, she's getting a lot of media requests and she's turning them down. when you came in, i said miss peaches, we're a fan of stuart so she squeezed you n. stuart:
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she had a few problems like misbehaving. did she chew your wallet? >> yeah, listen. she grew up in poverty, stuart, then sees a wallet and hermais wallet with $100 bills and she was overwhelmed. we're talking real estate portfolio and this is a girl that lived in a little like hording situation and now she's deciding to go to montauk, nantucket, miami. she's got a lot of learning to do. stuart: all joking aside. stuart: raising money for rescue dogs and shelters; right? all because of miss peaches? >> we have. all because of miss peaches and cause near and dear and like dogs more than humans and antihuman and pro dog and so many shelter dogs and dogs that need adopted and we put them on -- i'm wearing it if you can see it, we sold a ton, $250,000 going to the people who rescued miss peaches, and hopefully save a lot of dogs.
11:20 am
stuart: the first thing that occurred to me when i saw you all over miss peaches welcoming into the family is maybe you should have children. >> i don't like humans. she's better than a human. are you kidding me? stuart: i've got six children and 11 grandchildren. >> oh, stuart, you poor guy. i bet when you sit in first class with you. stuart: during a commercial break talking about in first class and stop and stay in the back and one of our guests says, yeah, he flies first class and everybody else stays in the back. you wouldn't do that, you've got a private jet. >> yeah, of course. well, i got a private jet but i make them fly commercial. there's going to be a no pride rule, stuart. this girl, i haven't heard her bark once. she's been a perfect angel.
11:21 am
stuart: we've only got two minutes left in this interview, we'll extend it for you, portnoy. i want to get to the markets. i have to ask, do you own nvidia or any ai stock? nvidia is a single ones and >> i bought exchange and afraid it was going under and making sure it was liquid and i screwed up. i cry created a big miss peaches said look.
11:22 am
i created a null /?txuty do. buy bitcoin and i can't get on the right side but here to stay. stuart: explain to me. not following american football that closely and getting a lot of heat for your take on notre dame, the football program. you don't think they're relevant anymore. archaic relic? >> yeah, they're a relic of the past and grew up in the 1800s during horse and buggy. win for the beginner and that's all great. stuart. look at school like michigan. the most one i'm not bias and most wins in college football and defending national champions and now that's a relevant football program and they might as well be northwestern. stuart: you do this to create controversy and fun on your show. >> i believe in my heart. stuart: come out knows you're going to create a big argument,
11:23 am
which is what you thrive on. >> no, i live -- i saw somebody else said it and i agreed with it. i want to get along. i'm a peacemaker. i don't look for controversy and happens to be a fact. stuart: we'll leave it at that. i want to make the point and if you can raise $250,000 for dog rescue programs, i think you're doing all right and doing the right thing. you're a good guy. portnoy, come back soon, okay. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: you got it, man. good to see you. back to tepper still with us hanging on for dear life. look at that. what do you think of portnoy's bitcoin regret? >> it's a tough investment. i'll tell you he mentioned it's here to stay and i agree. when the whole bitcoin etf thing was rolling out and ceo of
11:24 am
franklin jenny johnson and she argued one of the biggest use cases of bit cases at this time we're watching this happen right now over the course of the last week and 450 million a week or two before that, 88 million. that's one of the biggest use cases for owning some crypto. stuart: i didn't realize and seizing profit and assets and bitcoin got proper for you. the dow on the up site only just and nasdaq down 53 points and i should tell you it's come way back down and next volatility and we're getting it now. new polls showing trump leading
11:25 am
bind in two key states arizona and nevada. big issue at hand, biden's age. we have that story. tomorrow it's south carolina republican primary and are we looking at blowout trump win? sure looks like it. bill hemmer on that, next. ♪ they're waiting for you. hey, do you have a second? they're all expecting more. more efficiency. more benefits. more growth. when you realize you can give your people everything, and more. thank you very much. [applause] ask, "now what?" here's what.
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stuart: better check nvidia. went straight up this morning when it opened about $815 a share and coming back down this. is volatility. at the moment at $792, up $6 from yesterday's close. mark temer still with us. guess what, he's got his stock picks for us. first off restaurant group. >> yeah, that's long horn steak house and olive garden and got ruth's chris st steak house. they've not increased prices over the last few years as fast as inflation. they've been lagging from a
11:30 am
price increase standpoint and taken the approach, let's get more butts in the seats and more people eating at the restaurants, obviously they'll begin to ratchet up stocks and love 3% dividend and doing good stuff. stuart: 30% upside from here. >> in the next year. stuart: we'll take that. up >> they have one of the best in the business and focuses on better not bigger strategy. we heard about their layoff as few months ago. next few quarters will be challenging for these guys, but bad news is baked in and there's a good industry point here. similarly this could be have 25, 30% over the next year. stuart: next year, we take that too. tepper, thank you indeed. back to politics and donald trump and nikki haley hitting the campaign trail in south carolina the primary is
11:31 am
tomorrow. mark merri bowl death is in challenge -- mark meredith is in charleston. what's nikki haley's message to voters? reporter: she believes south carolina voters want to have voices heard and she's repeatedly said she believes there's going to be a path. we'll get a better idea tomorrow and polls close to see what that may look like. good morning to you. we later today will be seeing both former president trump and nikki haley on the stop trying to generate excitement going into tomorrow's contest and trump was dominating in the polls but haley has strong name recognition here in this state. we've seen both trump and haley on the it up p past few days -- stump past few days going at each other and for the longest time, haley made it clear she didn't want to go on attack against trump directly and trump believes he can unit the republican party going forward, haley flat out conditions that.
11:32 am
>> let her run. if she's not running, they're not talking us. >> they don't anoint kings and we're not going to fam him the nominee. south carolineans deserve the right to vote as do every other state. ism haley served a little more than six years as governor of the state before jumping over to work for trump. she has not got recognition by the establishment in the state. south carolina senator tim scott believes now is the time for haley to drop out sooner rather than later. >> one person that stands in the way of having a conversation
11:33 am
between joe biden is donald trump is nikki haley so getting out of the way is important for americans. reporter: 50 delegates up for grabs in the area and haley has it for the performance in new hampshire and more than 1200 delegates needed and looking to see how the math changes after south carolina stu, we heard from the haley campaign in the last 20 minutes or so, they're rendition of anthony pairing a new ad buy for began and heading michigan on sunday and focuses on michigan and super tuesday and where things stay for this. stuart: she's staying in, mark meredith, thank you very much indeed. indeed. bill hemmer is here. >> nice to see you, bud. it's been a while. stuart: did you call me bud? >> hello, sir. stuart: that's better. are we looking at trump blowout win in south carolina? >> i'm thinking 22 points would be a comfortable number based on some of the polling.
11:34 am
he had a much larger lead and some of the latest polls went from 35-25. i'm thinking plus 20 in south carolina stuart: now, nikki hail hi says she's staying in even if she loses, which i'm sure she will. >> she was with someday that and me two days ago and my whole line of questioning was are you the insurance policy in the event that donald trump's court cases go sideways. she said do you see yourself as insurance policy. she said i very much see myself as a republican option that can -- people can realize when you see donald trump can't win. i took that answer as a yes, she's an no, your honors policy for now. stuart: how do you really feel? >> i feel that's the -- i feel that's why she's still in. listen, in the game of politics, if you've got money, you've got time. she's got money and no real
11:35 am
reason to fold up the tent unless the pressure is great from the donors that they're going to cut her off. stuart: new polls show trump leading in two what i would call swing and important states, arizona and nevada. he's up by three points in arizona and up by six points in nevada. >> take seven states and nevada and arizona and some of the others trump has lead and georgia and north carolina and michigan. what's interesting about the nevada polling and the arizona polling, if you put an independents into those numbers you just showed there, trump's lead over biden in arizona goes in 3 points to 6 points and lead in nevada goes 6 points to 10 points. stuart: okay. that's important. >> could be. stuart: trump is on a role right now.
11:36 am
we don't yet know what impact they would have on his campaign if found guilty in one of the court cases. >> i think the best answer for this is the a month ago in the wall street journal and republicans say how wowed you vote if there's a conviction? i thieves 25 or 26% if memory servings they would go in a different direction and let's see if indead that happens and what are the circumstances for that conviction. stuart: you've had the election and the court case in new york, which appears to be grossly unfair and i can't believe that'll turn people away from trump. >> there's another one with alvin bragg and another week or so. i'm only exercising caution on the number i expressed a month ago because a lot of things change with this guy and the public changes with him too. see if that was a firm 25, 26% in a couple months.
11:37 am
stuart: bill, we'll catch you and dana perino on america's news room on fox news weekdays. >> good to be with you, sir. stuart: you learn fast. well down. coming up, 335,000 venezuelan nationals crossed the border in fiscal 2023 but only 834 were deported. we have that story. a state appeals court brought down a new york city law which would have allowed 800,000 noncitizens to vote in municipal elections and new york assemblyman behind the lawsuit is next. ♪
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it's an idea whose time has come. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ( ♪ ) constant contact's advanced automation lets you send the right message at the right time, every time. ( ♪ ) constant contact. helping the small stand tall. ♪ looking good, guys! thanks! vacations are better with the credit gods are on your side. i'm coming up! rewards once available to the few are now accessible to the many. earn points for travel with credit one bank, and live large. stuart: a little pullback here and nasdaq now down 30 and had
11:42 am
been up 100 on the back of ai companies. the dow thousand holding onto a small gain. coming up to friday afternoon. who knows how this market will close. out of 335,000 venezuelan nationals that came into the country illegally in the past year, only 834 were deported. ashley, what happened to the rest of them, do we know? ashley: no, according to data from ice, over 801,000 were apprehended and some granted temporary protection status and that's just a drop in the bucket and it's not just venezuelans. majority of which we have in trace of. the data also showing there have been very few deportations of chinese nationals. a record 24,000 chinese came into the u.s. in fiscal year 2023 and that number expected to be exceeded easily this year.
11:43 am
by the way, a new york times report last year stated currently more than 100,000 chinese national ntsb u.s. with final orders of removal who have not been deported. many of whom they don't know where they are. stu. stuart: how about that. thank you, ashley. stuart: new york assemblyman led the charge to block the voting law and joins me now. michael, thanks for being with us. spell it out. why did you go to court to stop noncitizens from voting? >> first of all, thank you for having me today. a bit of my background. i'm a new york state assembly member and son of immigrants and my parents are refugees from the island of cyprus and came here with nothing. nobody gave them anything and
11:44 am
worked hard for the american dream and achieve it had. they went through the immigration process like so many other countless americans living that dream. the council tried to pass a law for a individual here for 30 days, applying to the migrants, 30 day residency in new york city would allow them to vote in municipal elections. it is a mockery of the political system. it dilutes the voice of american voters and we couldn't stand for it, which is why i joined my colleagues in following this needed lawsuit. stuart: why did they propose this in the first place? think they're going to extend the democrat vote? >> well, funny enough, when we followed this lawsuit, the migrants weren't close to the issue we had today. we didn't have thousands of migrants flooding into the city of new york and we went for that lawsuit and we want wanted the supreme court and going through the appeals process, now it's becoming -- taking on a
11:45 am
different type of connotation because now there's almost 200,000 migrants coming into new york city. and even with that, the city of new york is still appealing the ruling and still going to court to try and make that law valid. stuart: all the migrants in new york city tens of thousands of them have this -- had this law not been struck down, they could vote. >> absolutely. imagine coming to new york city for 30 days and now, think about it if you're a american citizen like my parents, immigrants, you worked hard and became a american citizen and people coming in for 30 days are now allowed to influence the american political season. if i went to france for 30 days, could i vote in the elections? absolutely not. why are we doing it here? stuart: they want to extend the democrat vote, that's my opinion. new york city paying millions on prepaid debit card for migrants
11:46 am
and the actual residents of new york city are becoming poorer and one in four children are living in poverty. in new york city, the interest of migrants put way ahead of interests of local-born poverty stricken people. this is outrageous. >> absolutely. today there was a report saying there wasn't a bidding process for the company to contract to facilitate the debit cards and they stand to make $1.8 million. this is far for the house on how city hall handled this migrant crisis and there's a lack of transparency and accountability and no bidding process and the mayor cited emergency contracts and a shelter opening up in my district in island shores and opened up agreement for not for profit and building homes for the homeless and city of new york, we demanded a copy of the contract between the two entities and refused to give it to us. we eventually follow it had and
11:47 am
found out that it was a contract that was for $28 million for three years. think about that. $28 million for three years to house migrants. it is completely unacceptable, lack of accountability, lack of transparency, and the people of new york city cannot let this stand. stuart: michael, thank you for being with us this morning and exposing a very bad situation. thank you, sir, we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you for having me. stuart: it's that time. know what's coming. the dow 30 sense of the market. still a lot of buying going on. i see two, four, six, about eight losers, 22 winners. the dow is still up 114 points, 39,000. don't go anywhere. we're answering your friday feedback next. ♪
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stuart: jump right n zack brown band. that's north carolina and 59 degrees. let's get on with it. friday feed back, ashley, lauren, teped per, we're all ready to get started. we asked you to comment on my italian accent from earlier in the week. let's begin. >> got to play to the hands every year. little of this, little of that . stuart: what doses that mean? >> that means it's too expensive. stuart: okay, what some of you said about that. mary writes, well, i think you gave martin brando a run for his money and going in the god father and your delivery needs help and die your hair, lose the tie and buy a watch. then you could pass for the
11:53 am
younger brother. finally brett said love you, stuart, but stick to the brit chat. lauren is the only italian. ita. lauren: when you did that, felt like i was with my uncle at home and i could not do a british accent. >> that's not bad. stuart: that's the worst i've ever heard in my life. ashley, any accents other than english? ashley: oh, gosh. no. my wife is australian and she'll come in and hit me. i love the scottish accent. stuart: we'll move on, shall we. mr. varney, you're the reason i rise and get out of bed every business day at 3:00 in the morning. how do you adjust to getting up later on weekends and vacations? i don't, my body clock never changes, ever. how about you, lauren? lauren: i sleep as long as i can wherever i can. stuart: tepper, you get up at
11:54 am
strange times. >> yeah, i'm in bed by 9, 9:30 typically. i go to bed early. stuart: what about vacations? >> i was just on vacation and still going to bed early. lauren: you guys. party poppers. >> getting old, you know. stuart: i'll ignore that remark, lauren. next one from terry. stu, you asked to see what it was like before the internet and what it would be like after ai is fully implemented and i re-you to two shows, flintflintstoness and jetsons. >> one flies privately and then puts family on commercial airplanes. lauren: jetsons are coming back. ai good encyclopedia britain kansas city chiefs is the only way to preserve it. ai is changing it. stuart: does stu know he has the greatest arm dancing producers in the business? look at our control room. come on, children. put them on the screen.
11:55 am
there you government lauren: how about young talented adults. stuart: talented youngsters and work like the devil and get up at 4:00 in the morning. think about your life when you're 20 or 30 something. they're a wonderful crew. next, get on with it. robert said you frequently tell guests, stuart, you're all right. have you ever said during the break, he or she is not all right? oh, yes. there's been occasions. there's been occasions. look at that. are we out of time? is that it? we're out of time. thank you so everyone that sent in feedback and keep it coming and now time for the friday trivia question. another good one, how many state haves been the birthplace of a president? 17, 21, 25, or 29? tepper will play, everybody plays. get the answer after this. ♪
11:56 am
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stuart: before the break we asked how many states have been the birthplace of the president. 17, 21, 25, 29. ashley always gets to go first because he is special. ashley: thank you for that. i'm going to go with, i'm going to go with 20 one, number 2.
12:00 pm
stuart: pure guesswork i'm sure. >> case-shiller index as well. i was going to go higher but there is no way it was 25 or 29 states. neil: ongoing lower. i think it 17. i feel like most of the presidents are from virginia followed by north carolina. stuart: i'm with you, i'm going to say 17, reveal please lose the answer wouldn't you know it, 20 one. tepper, we will never hear the last of this. by the way what do you think is the state given birth to the most presidents, anyone want to guess? they can all see on the teleprompter. lauren: how many presidents were from virginia? >> i will say 8. stuart: prompters are a wonderful thing. that is it for "varney and company". coast-to-coast starts now.


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